Named After the Things they Replaced


‘Named after the things they replace’ is a series born during a visit to my hometown, Bethlehem CT. Connecticut is a small state on the highway line between two large cities, New York, NY and Boston, MA; within my lifetime Bethlehem has rapidly developed from its roots as a working-class farm town into the sprawl that commuters and house-in-the-country types demand. I found myself twice removed from the landscapes I had returned to visit: by the distance of my childhood memories and by the fact that the land was changed, in some places beyond recognition. I tried at first to draw from the environment as though it were wholly alien, but suspect that it was nostalgia which turned the roofs to hills on the horizon, reverted acres of lawn to farmable land, and imagined the blacktop as a rising and retreating tide. In this series I envision the paved landscape functioning for a suburban generation as the rural landscape did for myself, as I suspect that it must, and attempt to configure it between our two perspectives.