10 Things That Did Not Happen to Me Today

[Each piece in the set ‘Ten Things That Did Not Happen to Me Today’ is a record of a specific experience of anxiety regarding a projected, but unlikely chain of unfortunate events. I have a vivid imagination, to use a common phrase, and I frequently catch myself preemptively visualizing worst-case-scenarios, particularly in times of heightened stress. I began taking note and transposing each moment into an embroidered, physical object, which serves as a record of their nonoccurrence as well as a talisman against future catastrophe. The irrationality of these thoughts seems familial to telecommunicated news media, which also focus on oddities or ‘freak’ occurrences and statistical outliers to captivate their audiences in fearful fascination. I have found these works to be unexpectedly socially engaging, as viewers tend to share reciprocal stories about their own experience with anxiety.]